22 January 2011


Two Items from the Sargent Shriver Wake

Heard what was likely a repeat of the wake/memorial for Sargent Shriver on the drive home yesterday. Heard two things I hope are worth sharing. First was a funny by George McGovern on Methodism for my old MYF friends: "It won't keep you from sinning, but it will take all the fun out of it." (Maybe that's why I reverted to heathenism.)

The second was shared by the immediately prior speaker, who I didn't get an ID on. And I came in during this recitation of a poem that Shriver loved, which after a little bit of searching apparently Mother Theresa had on display (and which was wrongly attributed to her for a while). The poem, The Paradoxical Commandments, is by Dr. Kent M. Keith, who wrote it as a Harvard sophomore in the late 1960s. Go check it out, please. Cheesy, yes, but sweet and likely a fulfilling approach to life on this rock.

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