28 April 2009


Adoration of The Clash

In a swuft move, Francesco Marciuliano manages to mix Twitter with The Clash in today's Sally Forth.

Sally Forth used without permission. Please don't sue me, King Features Syndicate.

Marciuliano is also responsible for the wicked and wickedly-funny Medium Large, available at an internet near you.

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19 April 2009



More, from Burlingame's Abraham Lincoln: A Life, Vol. 1, pg. 360":
In some men, the painful questioning that often occurs at midlife can lead to despair; in others, it produces stagnation. But it can also be a creative, if turbulent, period during which inner psychological growth takes place and leads to profound maturity. Out of the crucible of midlife introspection can emerge an awareness of one's own identity and uniqueness that breeds self-confidence and inspires confidence in others. A hallmark of such psychological progress is an ability to overcome egotism, to avoid taking things personally, to accept one's shortcomings and those of others with equanimity, to let go of things appropriate for youth and accept gladly the advantages and disadvantages of age. People able to meet theses challenges successfully radiate a kind of psychological wholeness and rootednesss that commands respect.
Any one of us who achieves such should consider her/himself lucky. May we all be so graced.

For an earlier post regarding Burlingame's book, see here.

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