28 April 2009


Adoration of The Clash

In a swuft move, Francesco Marciuliano manages to mix Twitter with The Clash in today's Sally Forth.

Sally Forth used without permission. Please don't sue me, King Features Syndicate.

Marciuliano is also responsible for the wicked and wickedly-funny Medium Large, available at an internet near you.

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there are two edges to this dangerous sword:

first, you must realize that we now hold in our hands the awesome power to destroy the coolness of any movie or band by indicating that we like it. as the cartoon says, how cool can it be if middle-aged engineering professors are into it?

on the other hand, i'm always amused to see undergrads wearing the same pink floyd and led zepelin t-shirts to class that my friends were wearing 20 years ago, and they weren't new then either... perhaps some bands are still cool to each generation.
Well, if I'm into it, it must be cool. Don't know about you, neener neener.... (Speaking of which, The Killers have already made the jump to supermarket music. Heard "Human" at the grocery store just a few hours ago.)

Yeah, the market in t-shirts for bands that haven't played live since before the wearer was born does seem to thrive.
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