30 March 2008


What Primary?

Repeatedly over the past few weeks or so, I've heard a non-trivial number of recognized pundits refer to the continuing "Democratic primary."

There is no Democratic primary.

There is a process consisting of caucuses, conventions, and elections conducted by the states, territories, and Democrats Abroad by which those entities select delegates pledged to particular candidates to the Democratic National Convention, to be held in August in Denver. At that convention, those delegates and the so-called superdelegates—elected Democratic officials each with one delegate vote—will select the nominee of the Party.

This process is not a primary, which is an election to select a candidate. It's not even clear to me that the various Presidential candidate preference elections ought to be called "primaries," because they don't really serve the same role that a primary in a statewide or district-wide election does; i.e., picking the Party candidate for the general election.

I know this is borderline pedantic, but using "primary" to describe the process by which the Party picks a nominee is clueless, or, in this particular year, playing into the preferred framing by one of the two remaining candidates. So-called pundits ought to know better.

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29 March 2008



Joan Jett covers The Replacements, featuring John Doe of X.

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Thought for the Day

From Mr. Fripp:
It is not possible to ask for forgiveness where we are not ourselves prepared to grant forgiving: if we do not allow of forgiving for others, we do not permit forgiving for ourselves.

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25 March 2008


Computer Music Talk

I'm giving a talk today in Paul Edson's HU 316 music class, the exact name of which escapes me. Anyway, Paul heard that I'd worked at MIT's Experimental Music Studio once upon a time in a previous life, and he asked me to come in and talk about Computer Music, so that's what I'm doing.

Here's the web pages I developed as slides for the course. Please enjoy, if you are so inclined.

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21 March 2008


Mr. LaLaine on Happiness

When I was little, my mom would have the Jack LaLaine exercise show on the teevee during the weekday mornings.

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17 March 2008



Okay, a backlog of half-thought ideas that have been half-stewing in the back of my half-brain. Just for you.

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14 March 2008


Let's Don't and Say We Did

10 March 2008


I Can Only Wish I'd've Said It

"Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle." Daily Kos commenter Jsn, via Andrew Sullivan.

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09 March 2008



I'm pretty sure I haven't said it here, but I've said it to innumerable friends and acquaintances in person: The candidate who will do whatever it takes to be elected is the same candidate who will stab you in the back once the election is over.

Surely we've learned that by now, no? If not, why?

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08 March 2008


Your Interstate Highway System at Work

It is difficult for me to describe the depth of joy this image brings me. Or why.

Click on it to see it in full size in its native habitat. From artist Chris Yates, via Jalopnik.

01 March 2008


Ellen DeGeneres on the Lawrence King Murder

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