30 June 2008


For Craig Selvage: Remember When We'd Play Pinball for Hours?

I wanna go here. Bet the dude's got Fireball.

29 June 2008


More Pics! More Pics! More Pics!

The hits keep coming, folks. Just uploaded this set of photos from our Sunday, 8 June 2008, hike up Busia Mountain near where we were staying in Denali. Hope you enjoy.

Here's our hiking group with a caribou antler:

Please check 'em all out!

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28 June 2008


More Alaska Pics

New set uploaded, here. Pics of Saturday, 7 June 2008, when we road into Denali National Park for our stay in the Kantishna District.

Here's Denali / Mount McKinley:

Denali / Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake (III)

Also, be sure to check out the moose cow with calf photos:

Moose Cow and Calf (I)

Everybody say, "awwwwwww."

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Gay Pride, 2007

Joe. My. God. explains gay pride, here.

Please read it.


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This Just In...

Tim Russert and George Carlin are still dead. Details at six.

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26 June 2008


Getting Alaska Pics Online

I've managed to get two sets of Alaska pics up so far.

The first has been up for a few weeks; it's from my solo day hiking in Anchorage. Here's Flattop Mountain.

Flattop Mountain I

The second is of our trip from Anchorage to just outside Denali National Park on the Alaska Railroad. Here's our train approaching the trestle over Hurricane Gulch.

Hurricane Gulch Trestle

Oh, man, the trip was fantastic. Go check out both sets, and stay tuned for more. Be patient, though, because I'm wishing I'd've relearned some photographic discipline before the trip. (You can easily choose the best out of three photos of one subject, but choosing the best out of ten is tough!)

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16 June 2008


California, 17 June 2008, 5:01 p.m. PDT

"The right to marry whoever one wishes is an elementary human right compared to which 'the right to attend an integrated school, the right to sit where one pleases on a bus, the right to go into any hotel or recreation area or place of amusement, regardless of one’s skin or color or race' are minor indeed. Even political rights, like the right to vote, and nearly all other rights enumerated in the Constitution, are secondary to the inalienable human rights to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence; and to this category the right to home and marriage unquestionably belongs."—Hannah Arendt, 1959 (via Sullivan).

p.s. Big congratulations to Mike and Dave (scroll down to the post titled "Front and center?" then work backwards), Mike and Aric, and other folk who now or soon are tying the knot legally!

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