26 December 2005


Christmas 2005 Travels: Day Three

We're still here in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Yesterday, we had a Christmas dinner that couldn't be beat: Ham loaf, scalloped potatoes, corn, broccoli salad, and rolls. Dessert was pumpkin pie (or choose among other sweets and desserts that have been around the entire time). In a word or three, we've eaten well.

This set of pics at our Flickr site includes pictures of Tim (the other Tim Wilson) and Amos (Tammy and Tim's son) working on Amos's rehab cross, various McKinleys standing around discussing who's who in old pictures, and our visit with the folks at Mack's nephew Nathan's place: Nathan's wife Val; Mack's sister and Nathan's mom Valerie and her husband Kendal; Nathan's brother Levi, his wife Jamie (who was under the weather); Nathan and Val's kids; Levi and Jamie's son; Val's mom and dad; Kendal's mom Fonda. A big mess of people.

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