21 January 2006


More "Why Gay Marriage" (part 4,502,599)

It's not just Oklahoma (but you knew that).

Freeholders (that's New Jersey-ese for "County Council member") in Ocean County, New Jersey, have refused to pass a local ordinance allowing a former police officer who is dying of cancer to leave her pension to her partner. This in spite of the fact that New Jersey state law explicitly allows for such action on the county's part. Towleroad: "They say that allowing Hester's partner her pension would 'violate the sanctity of marriage'."

Excuse me, but pensions are a civil financial arrangement.


Addendum (SUN 22 JAN): The Freeholders have reversed themselves, so the officer's survivors benefits will go to the surviving partner. Story here from 365gay.com. Also, the negative publicity from their earlier cold-hearted attitude has led several other NJ governments to change their domestic partnership policies. (Link via a comment to this post at Mike Silverman's Red Letter Day blog.)

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