21 January 2006


The Mormons LDS of Korea

I had an unusual visitor at the door the other day. A young Korean gentleman with very bad English stopped by to tell me about The Unification Church. Luckily, he was wearing a lanyard with a big "UNIFICATION CHURCH MISSIONARY" card on it around his neck, or I might've listened to him for a while before figuring out what he was trying to sell me. (Slow me was not quick-witted enough to take a picture.)

I felt bad for him: He seemed really dejected when I cut him off quickly with a "Thanks, but I'm not interested."

At least LDS missionaries travel in teams. On bicycles. Wearing crisp white short-sleeve shirts and skinny dark ties. This guy seemed to be over his head to be in a strange country with little language skills pushing cultural boundaries so that not only do we recognize those nice young usually American men who are LDS missionaries, but also those nice young Korean men here to witness about Rev. Moon's operations. (And I'm not talking about The Washington Times.)

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