03 January 2006


Sometimes, All You Need to Get a Different Perspective Is to Sit in a Different Seat

From today's poem at The Writer's Almanac:
in the process of getting the bowl and the tank and the seat and
some pipes and gaskets from the warehouse, we got to talking
about our outhouses and he allowed as how the one he had in
Florida when he was kid in the fifties hadn't been all that
bad, except for the bugs and sometimes a snake, and we both
agreed that there are times out there when you see things from
an unusual vantage, for instance: that view of the night sky in
winter is unparalleled.

I liked it too. Hey if you get a chance, check out the Gillette NewsRecord Guestbook. It has become somewhat of a blog. There are some very interesting editorials in there. For instance, there is a young gillette guy who joined the army who wrote a nice "W" yoming Hick entry.
Yeah, 5he News-Record Guestbook is cool.

The paper where Mack's sister lives, The Bartlesville Examiner has a feature called Off the Cuff, which is a "What's your gripe?" kind of thing. A fun read. They are going through a pit-bull crisis there, as some four-year old was recently killed by a relative's pit bull. Looks like Gillete is going through a similar kind of drunk-driver crisis.
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