19 February 2006


And My Favorite Serious Composer is Charles Ives

My iTunes signature, here. That's the short one: the long one is totally whack. It's pretty representative, but a lot of our music lives on a networked hard drive instead of the local disk drive that the software had available, so it was based on a biased sample. Okay, the short one is pretty whack, too.

The iTunes Signature Maker applet by Jason Freeman can be found here. Link via Dragonleg via Solonor via That Geeky Chick via ....

Curious as to the tracks and the artists? The complete list in order of appearance can be found here, since Blogger seems to be unable to deal with standard HTML tables.

For what it's worth, while I was typing this, iTunes, in random mode, has played Bill Bruford, "Adios a la Pasada"; Roy Orbison, "You Got It"; King Crimson, "Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream"; Neil Young, "Till the Morning Comes"; They Might Be Giants, "Statue Got Me High"; Sly and the Family Stone, "Running Away"; and K. C. and the Sunshine Band, "Boogie Shoes". And now is playing King Crimson, "Dinosaur", so the thing seems pretty accurate.

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