12 February 2006


Be Vewy Vewy Quiet: I'm Hunting Wawyers

Apparently our veep, El Senor Cheney, shot a hunting buddy yesterday. They were out with the wives driving around in south Texas, saw a covey of quail, stopped the car and got their guns out, and went into the field. When the covey flushed, Cheney picked one out, followed it and shot, and somehow his buddy, a prominent Austin, Texas, lawyer was in the line of fire.

When most civilians go out drinking, driving around, and hunting from their cars or trucks, it's considered redneck at best, almost always illegal. And accidents involving friends getting shot, while often covered up, are considered embarassing to say the least. I guess you can't hope for that when you're the Vice President of the United States, even if you can delay releasing the information for twenty-four hours.

Hopefully, the buckshot victim will recover; I'm not sure I harbor such wishes about the vice-president's standing with his boss, the public, or the better good of the country.

Addendum: They weren't out riding around with their wives: They were with another woman. Make of it what you will!

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