20 February 2006


Family Pics

I'm the archivist of sorts in my immediate family. That means I inherited the gazillion pics my mom had accumulated over the years, in addition to the ridiculous number of pictures of my own that I carry around. As mentioned before, I'd like to get them all scanned.

Stop laughing. Please!

Sometimes you run across one or two that just demand immediate scanning and sharing. I've put a set of pictures of some of my cousins -- pictures taken from the 40s to the 70s -- up at our Flickr site.

I've also uploaded the pic of my mom (left) and a pic of my dad. There is a mid-1940s pic of my dad that kind of goes with the one of my mom, but I can't locate it right now.

TIM!!! I cannot believe you had the courage to post that picture of me with Howdy Doody!! Especially since one look should have told you that it was a sacred moment in my life! I am already looking through my "old" pictures for "little Timmy" pictures!!
(Still love you though)
Buffalo Bob
I thought he was Alfred E. Newman.

I have lots of Little Timmy and Little Danny and Little Ray pictures I can't wait to post! :-)
(No - Bryan T said...)

Looking closely at the photo of your Mom, I can see the resemblance.
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