03 February 2006


Great Danes

It seems all you used to hear about Denmark was what a bunch of libertine child-boinking pervs the Danes were. Well, that and Hans Christian Anderson was from there, but that was another time. Pay attention: The Danes (and, to some extent, the French), as an ensemble, are distinguishing themselves from their European contemporaries, by having, er, cajones.

In tribute to our Danish friends -- and to other Europeans, male and female, having or having grown a pair, and to Muslims who put freedom of expression and respect for others above slavish obedience to religious and political leaders, and to all around the world who refuse to kowtow to thugs of each and every stripe -- here is the collection of purportedly offensive cartoon images of the prophet Mohammed himself, as collected by Mike Silverman. (Mike: "Freedom of expression sometimes sucks but it is better then the alternative.")

Yes, this is easy for me to do. If you don't do what's right when it's easy, how on earth will you do what's right when it's difficult?

Update: According to this Reuters story, expand the list to include Germany, Hungary, and Spain. Remember folks, these people are our allies, even if they have different priorities than we do.

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