27 February 2006


"Why are there movies like 'Blue Velvet'?"

The New York Times's Terrance Rafferty asks the question above in this piece (registration required) on the occasion of David Lynch's Blue Velvet's 20th anniversary.

I still think it's a great flick. After all, "it's a strange world."

Hello Tim..

A strange world?

Why, yes, yes it is..

And we wouldn't have it any other way...

It is a great flick.

I saw it for the first time just a couple of weeks ago; bought it along with several others for my wife, with whom I watched Twin Peaks' first run for a few weeks before we could no longer keep up.

I watched BV by myself...YIKES...psychosexual, indeed...disturbing, hilarious, horrifying...Lynch all the way. I want to sit my wife down and watch it again.


Sheeee woooore Bluuuuuuuueeee Veeelvet.....

Bryan, you gotta be warned that some women have a very different reaction to Blue Velvet than many men. Those women, and likely some men, don't see it voyeristically the way many men do, or as a dream, or as some weird combination of dream and reality: they feel and experience the torment that Isabella Rosellini's character feels and experiences, which is awful and degrading.

I don't mean to generalize too much. I just know that some women have expressed exactly that experience of the flick.

The music by Angelo Bardelamenti (sp?) is great, too.
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