07 March 2006


Amending the Constitution

Mustang Bobby asks, here, "How would you amend the US Constitution?" I was more than happy to supply the list below to his comments.
* One six-year term for President. (Goodbye, Clinton. Goodbye, Bush.)

* Proportional representation in the Senate. (Goodbye, cheap Wyoming media.)

* Proportional representation in the Electoral College. If nothing else, move winner-take-all down to the congressional district level with two bonus votes for who carries the state. (Hello, House of Representatives.)

* Removal of chartering of corporations from the states at putting it at the Federal level. (Goodbye, Citibank SD.)

* Congressional (and Senate!) redistricting by nonpartisan commission. (Goodbye Tom Delay et al.)

* Human-rights amendment: No right shall be abridged because of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation. (Goodbye "Defense of Marriage Acts".)

* Medical non-intrusion amendment: Abortion, euthanasia, etc. are decisions between individuals and care providers; the community in the guise of the state should butt out. (Goodbye Row v. Wade, etc.)

* Recreational non-intrusion amendment: If you're not hurting others.... (Goodbye "War on Drugs".)
Just my $.02.

Try getting an agenda
Thanks for demonstrating how hard it is to infer tone on the basis of four words!
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