08 March 2006


Best Bike Week Headline (So Far)

I bet you don't see headlines, or stories, like this (link, likely perishable, from the Daytona Beach News-Journal) -- with some regularity -- where you live. It's almost the kind of headline Agenda Bender lives for.

Stunt rider hurt at cole slaw wresting contest

SAMSULA - A stunt motorcycle rider in a show that featured 30-foot jumps over a cole slaw-wrestling pit was seriously injured today.

James Verschuuren, 21, ran his motorcycle off the side of a ramp and landed on his head while attempting a jump just after noon at Sopotnick's Cabbage Patch, witnesses said.

The freestyle motocross show was a preliminary to the venue's annual Bike Week cole slaw wrestling event.

"This is my rookie guy and this is want he wants to do, and this is what happens to him," said Kenny Yoho, 29, leader of the group from East Coast Xtrem of Tampa.

The injured rider was airlifted to Halifax Medical Center. His condition was not known, but witnesses said he was moving his arms and legs.

Verschuuren broke his leg in a stunt show last year, Yoho said. Because of the danger of their stunts, the crew is unable to buy insurance, he said.

A tip bucket was being passed among those awaiting the start of the women's wresting event to try and help with Verschuuren's medical bills.

That's right: The image says "Cole Slaw Wrestling Capital of the World."

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