04 March 2006


Please Don't Fatwa Me!!!

As you may have figured out, Timatollah = Tim + Ayatollah. It's a name that was given to me by one Mr. John Owens, with whom I lost touch a long time ago, when I worked at the Nuclear Pharmacy Incorporated in Nashville, Tennessee, in the early 1980s. (Why? Because I acted like an if-I-was-king know-it-all a lot of the time back then, that's why.)

(What was I doing at the Nuclear Pharmacy Incorporated? Why, delivering radioactive pharmaceuticals, of course.)

I guess the Iranians have decided to check my credentials for the job. From my referrer log:

But why were they searching on "mom son sex pic"? Ugh. I hope what they found was informative, but, please, no fatwa.

WTF - that is quite bizarre!

From One Who Was There. Really!

(I swear I be prayin' for y'all.)
Why hello, Ed! How's Lona?

Well, she's fine, John...
McCurdy need a valium.
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