01 March 2006


Your TSA at Work

So, I'm at Washington National Airport yesterday, catching a flight back to Orlando from D.C. where I had been on work-related business. I'd already checked in outside with the skycap. I had been seated at Legal Sea Foods (yum!) for just a moment, and the server was just getting ready to take my drink and oysters order, when... "Would Mr. Timothy Wilson please return to the US Airways ticket counter."

I'd never been paged in an airport, maybe anywhere, before.

So they send me over to the TSA location with the humongous baggage screening machine, and the very nice lady there tells me that my bag is locked, and that they need the combination. I hadn't locked it. I've done this enough to know that if the TSA goes through my luggage, they'll leave a little card and put a gold star on the stickee with the bar codes on it; sometimes, they'll lock the combination lock.

I give the very nice lady the combination. As I'm walking off, I hear another TSA employee say to her, "Ma'am, I had checked that one already."

Then, not long before I got back to Legal Sea Foods for another round of trying to get a dozen good oysters, some New England style clam chowder, and grilled salmon, I hear someone else being paged to return to the US Airways ticket counter. And I can imagine him hearing the same TSA employee telling the very nice lady, "Ma'am, I had checked that one already, too."

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