04 April 2006


I'm Easily Entertained

Previously I mentioned an incredible invention. Here's a video.

Maufacturer's web site here.

The sizing is for the extra large. It's a wonder I didn't fall in.

I'd say you are pretty easily entertained...although that certainly is a nifty gadget for a hygeine-conscious environment, like some public places or office complexes.

Really, though - besides some dumb men, are women dribbling on the seats so much? And how much risk is there from the natural oils from another person's backside flesh?

Okay, you're right - not everyone is as considerate as I am, and certainly not all cultures' male population sits to pee in order to avoid a nasty mess. And women can be major slobs, too. I live with (and love) a couple of them.

It's my understanding that the hold up for persons of the XX persuasion when using public facilities -- like at a football game -- is that they have to squat over the seat since the seat is nasty from previous users. My understanding could be badly informed.

At my university, in my building, we have young men who (1) piss in the toilet stall for reasons not understood and (2) don't seem to be able to pick up the seat when they piss at the toilet. Nasty.
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