20 April 2006


Personal to J.H., R.S, B.dB. aka Cloverbottom

I had a sense early this morning that my comment at Bryan's blog could be misinterpreted. I value my Cloverbottom 45, all four copies. (However, maybe four is too many. Maybe some collector wants one to complete his or her "Nashville Underground: The Hip Will Know" collection. Just let me know.)

I have this memory of Johnny Hollywood -- I'm not sure, I think it might've been Johnny and Rock and babes? -- dancing in the aisles, doing the swim, doing the frug, at a The Hots show (I think) at Vanderbilt. It's permanently etched in my brain. I was thinking of that image yesterday before I saw what John had written, so go figure. If that says anything about the organization of the Universe, it probably has more to do with randomness than anything else.

Nostalgia for the Phrank's years creeps up every now and then. It was a time, a good time, a real time. I wish I had photos to prove it. (Holler that like Mr. Belew in "Indiscipline.")

Yes, I know the release pre-dates Bryan's joining the band. El was fun, but Bryan meshed with Cloverbottom, was Cloverbottom, the way Johnny and Rock were. So, when I think Cloverbottom, I think Johnny, Rock, and Bryan.

Update I: Links added. Thanks, Bryan (see comments).

Update II: Dude wants $90.99 + $2.00 S&H for a cassette copy? Folks, I got original vinyl here. Send offers!

Misinterpreted? Nah.

"The Hip Will Know"* indeed. Your concern is needless, kind of like my morning-after-much-drug-induced-babbling paranoias...sending apologetic emails, heartfelt pleas for forgiveness over the phone, when my fears were quite baseless.

Anyhoo, I think of those days more frequently than I care to admit. I compare where my youthful perspective was then, to now. And I'll think, boy, if I could do that again, knowing what I now know...

There still exists an Angelfire page with a scannned copy of the newspaper article from that summer in 1980.

*J. Elliott
Or maybe El shouldn't be credited with that saying??? I first heard it out of his mouth.

B. Talbot
Ninety dollars for a cassette copy???????

Wow - makes me proud. Or appalled.
Check it out. Growing slowly

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