11 April 2006


The Skeptical Party

My politics are so screwed up these days, I don't know what bin to put myself in: Militant-centrist and libertarian but with a strong belief that government is, or at least can be, legitimate ("deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" and all that). But, I also have strong anti-Communist, anti-statist, and anti-anti-war streaks. I'm not fond of the Greens or of that poseur Ralph Nader.

"War is the real enemy" strikes me as one of the stupidest bumper-stickers ever. I have nearly zero tolerance for the Daily Kos clowns or for those who are reflexively anti-Bush or anti-Republican. Or anti-American.

And similarly, I have near zero tolerance for lying Republicans, like the Oklahoma state rep who got a press release published in my partner's hometown paper in which the rep claimed that Oklahoma Democrats are just like Hillary Clinton. Maybe they are in some ways, but the use of that reflexive "Hillary: Bad" shtick strikes me as creepy. Not surprising, since many Republicans strike me as creepy. Like they're waiting and hoping for Armaggedon. Ugh.

I'm against pulling out of Iraq any time soon. I'd rather win -- have a stable secure Iraq -- than suffer the ignominy of another post-Vietnam era. Not that there won't be plenty of that anyway because of the criminal incompetence of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, but we ought to minimize it rather than wallow in it. If that means having US forces help Iraqi forces kill remnant Baathists and yahoo Islamacists, so be it. Better for all in the long run.

John Kerry? A wet turd. But, hey, I voted for a wet turd! I'm a life-long Democrat! Like Toby Keith!! Okay, I voted for George H. W. Bush, but not Bush 43. I was living in Massachusetts at the time, and I was firmly convinced that Dukakis wasn't any more ready for prime time than Jimmy Carter had been. This caused some of my Massachusetts friends to consider disowning me.

I voted for Carter twice, but now I think Reagan was, in fact, the better choice and one of the three great presidents of the 20th century, the others being T. R. and FDR. Winning the Cold War, starting with missle deployments planned by Carter come to think of it, was not something to be sniffed at or excused away. I think Clinton was a good president, but wish he (1) would've kept his dick in his pants, and (2) wouldn't have lied about it when he got busted. Lying sucks: just look at Bush today. I also voted once for a Republican who was running against Ted Kennedy, because this was right after Kennedy had run against Carter for the Democratic nomination when Carter was already President.

The day I voted for Walter Mondale, another wet turd, for President was the day I felt I fulfilled any obligations to the Democratic Party.

Yeah yeah, I'm gay. In some folks' minds that gives me instand liberal cred, but should it?

I am firmly committed to individual and human rights, to rectifying historical wrongs (but without creating new ones in the process -- I'm talking about racism, sexism, and homophobia here), and to liberty and justice for all. Without an "under God," but willing to defend the rights of believers until they start trying to walk all over me.

So I'm skeptical that I belong to the liberal/progressive community these days. I'm certain I don't belong to the Republican/Christianist/keep-everyone-scared group, but I am really uncomfortable with most of today's left.

I guess that leaves me in the Skeptical Party. Like a friend advises, I'll probably "hold my nose and vote the straight Democratic ticket," but that doesn't mean I'll like it one bit.

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