09 April 2006


Snakes II: Just Tryin' to Get Some

So there are three snakes after all. (See yesterday's snake sightings here.) My guess is two males and one female.

While looking over today's yard work, we noticed this black pile, kind of moving, even writhing. Sure enough, there were a couple of snakes trying to get it on. The third snake, clearly the smaller of the two males, was nearby watching and waiting. They all froze when we got close enough. I snapped some crappy phone cam pics, then, since they were being nice and still while Mack was standing there keeping them cautious, I went back in and got my real camera.

These pics are from our Flickr site. Click on them to go to the same image at Flickr. There you can see each in different sizes, including up to 2048x1536.

Also, there's a brief movie I took with my camera here. (From the SATs: Picture with phone cam : Picture with real camera :: Movie with camera : Movie with camcorder -- i.e., movie with camera is crap, but it's better than nothing.)

Mack saw the snakes again later in the back yard. Said it was kind of like dogs: all hooked up with one dragging the other around. The odd man out was still observing, waiting, circling. I don't know enough about snake reproduction to know where the eggs go, when the little snakes come around, or what critters feed on the little snakes. Maybe there are more snakes in our future.

These really are great photos. How cool to catch something like that.
Nice. Recently while walking into work I saw the same type of black snake trying to get it on with a black misting hose.

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