04 May 2006


For Tricky Nicky

Hey, Tricky.

Remember that time we saw Jan Hammer at the Exit In? He was wailing Hendrix, "Manic Depression," on some kind of guitar/keyboard thing. Had all the guitar player's pitch bending and intermodulation tricks down cold. That would've been 1979 or something. I was still living in the trailer, I think.

Well, dig this video of the Miami Vice theme.

Video from YouTube via MusicThing (here). As noted there, dig the Fairlight, dig the gun, etc. Yeah, and dig the hair, and dig the shoulder pads, while you're at it!

p.s. If anyone knows how actually to get in touch with Tricky Nicky -- last time I saw him was Christmas 1994, and he was living in Costa Rica at the time -- let me know.

I was there.

It was a great show, though I didn't dig when the bassist got a turn in the spotlight and banged out some fast blues tune, playing his bass like a six-string guitar.

A buddy of mine and I saw them the year before, in '78, when Fernando Saunders played bass. Actually, that show is my memory of "Manic Depression", because Saunders sang it while Hammer wailed on his wow-it's-a-synthesizer-but-it-plays-like-an-electric-guitar. It worked nicely; Saunders is black, and he and Hammer paid a very respectable tribute.

If I remember correctly (no small feat considering the amount of THC I was consuming then), the '79 show had a different lineup - The Jan Hammer Group. They played up the newfound star factor too, which took something away from the previous year, when it was something new and cool.

~ BT
Dude, you have an incredible memory!

I'm pretty sure I was at the '79 show. I had just returned to Tennessee in the summer of '78, and I don't think I saw any really wailing shows that year.

I'm more comfortable with the '79 date.

Imagine, w/in a couple of years, I was playing on the same stage. If I recall correctly, Ed Fitzgerald (winner of some Tennessean short-story contest not too long ago, if the web searches I was doing after the recent Cloverbottom memory-jog mean anything) and Civic Duty ("Civic Judy") opened for REM there.

That was the night the bass player didn't show up, and I had to play keyboard bass. Which eventually led to my quitting Ed's band and our forming X-04.
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