26 May 2006


Ichi Ni San Shi....

From YouTube, it's The Plasmatics on The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder in 1981.

"A Pig Is a Pig," with interview.

"Butcher Baby"

I have the VHS of this, but someone had already uploaded to YouTube. I also have the PiL interview referred to below, from the Wikipedia entry on Snyder:

Also memorable was the 1980 appearance of Public Image Ltd.'s John Lydon and Keith Levine, whose thoroughly uncooperative twelve minute appearance on the show is still talked about to this day.

Also, King Crimson on Fridays, Devo on Fridays, and The Tubes on The Midnight Special performing with... Olivia Newton John. I suppose these are also on YouTube, but I am too lazy to search for them right now.

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