04 May 2006


A Partial History of Adolesence, Featuring Seances and Schlitz Beer

A recurring activity at early adolescence church-group parties in my hometown -- parties in the church itself -- was to have a seance and try to call up the Bell Witch, in our fragile minds the meanest, nastiest, spirit on the Group W bench in Hell.

Basically it was an excuse to turn out the lights, make out, try to cop a feel, etc.

What? Yes, this was in a church.

What? Yes, it's no wonder we turned out to be a lot of heathens.

Regardless, the Bell Witch has a new movie (apparently there were others; who knew?) -- with Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek -- and it's getting bad reviews.

Maybe she wasn't so mean and nasty after all.

Later, after we aged a few years -- from 12 to 14 or so -- we gave up on seances at the church and took to drinking 40s of Schlitz, bought for us at The Worm Ranch (Google: "Your search - worm-ranch beer-joint - did not match any documents") by a buddy of my brothers, under the bridge when we were supposed to be at the dance at the National Guard Armory.

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