25 June 2006


Argh. There Be Pirates Everywhere

Ah, summer. Summer brings long warm days and summer-movie product-placement tie-ins.

Pirate M&Ms. Note to M&M/Mars: Starbursts actually occupy the bin.

Pirate Cupcakes. These were plain old Publix cupcakes with images of characters from the movie stuck to plastic spikes inserted into the cupcakes.

And, in case you were thinking it was all Pirates, all the time, here's one instance of a Superman tie-in on Pepsi-related products.

I know, I know. Big whoop. This is stoopid, and 'tis the same in your local burg. But did you document that? Uh huh. I didn't think so.

For what it's worth, in the immediate post-9/11 times, Peggy Noonan suggested here that we all carry cameras and take pictures of things that seem out of place regarding our security. That's probably not a bad idea, still. But, those same cameras can be used to document other aspects of our lives that are also out of kilter. Like the image of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow popping up every time you turn around!

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