21 June 2006


Herb Stein on Mature Relationships

Okay, it's about couples consisting of one XX person and one XY person, but I believe the sentiment holds, excepting a very few details, for successful couplings of XX-XX people and XY-XY people. Slate is celebrating their 10th anniversary this week and republishing the best that they've put forth in that time. I recall this piece by the late Herb Stein about watching what he infers are married couples walking up the steps to the Kennedy Center as beautiful and touching at the time, and it's still such after many years.

Mack and I met 12 years ago last Sunday. I remain grateful for the fact. Yes XY-XY couples are different in several ways from XX-XY couples. So what? Our emotional lives, the trajectories they take, are so like those of straight people that to hold the differences above all other considerations is, well, psychotic, for lack of a better word. It is to deny the reality that is what it is and to try to pigeonhole that reality into something totally phony.

Well, then, we live in a world that is build around socio-political lies and bullshit. But you probably knew that.

Bonus Track: Pet Shop Boys, "It Must Be Obvious."

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