20 July 2006


Barney Frank on the W. Presidency

You want some more politics? You want some more analysis of the W. presidency? I knew you did.

Here's Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank's analysis, direct (not, er, "straight"!) from the Congressional Record.

Frank's thesis is the Bush/Cheney think that once the election is over, the President gets all the power. Like they never heard of -- or read -- the Constitution of the United States. And that the Republican-majority Congress is rolling over and playing dead about it.

I'm reading Henry Adams's history of the Madison presidency right now. There have been equally dysfunctional Congresses: Certainly that of the lead up to the War of 1812 would give this one a run for the money. But not in the same department. Not in the area of abdicating their Congressional responsibilities and giving the President carte blanche.

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