01 July 2006


Let's Hear It for Canada

It's Canada Day. Happy birthday, Canada!

Our neighbors to the north have existed in their current political form since 1868 (hence the 1968 World's Fair celebrating the centenial, that I had the pleasure to attend). Thanks to Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof for the reminder. (Go there: there's an "Oh, Canada!" audio link.)

Hopefully, all Americans are willing to stand on guard for and with our closest ally. If you're not, then get with the program!

Also, a commenter there reminds us that two male RCMP officers are getting married today. More info here from Towleroad.

(In the Superman post below, I could've mentioned that there was a time when Superman got moved to the afternoon, and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon was on early in the mornings. Yes, I had a mountie outfit, okay? No pics of that, either.)

One. More. Time. Let's hear it for Canada! All together now: Oh, Canada! Our home and natve land....

thanks for the birthday wishes tim -- teenytiny correction, Confederation happened 1 July 1867, not 68.

we have lesbians and gays in the military (it was a woman taking the gummint to court that forced that one)

the mountie couple got married, and (at the moment) any other same-sex couple can marry. AND the sun continues to come up bang on time every morning.

terre de nos aieux a not bad place to live. A happy birthday, hope yours was as much fun.
Considering that I was there in 1967 -- Expo '67 and all that -- you would've thought some kind of brain-fart-alert bells would've gone off in my head!
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