02 July 2006


LGBT Engineers Yahoo Group

If you are an engineer or engineering student who is lesiban, bi, gay, or transgendered, please consider signing up for the new Yahoo mailing list / group lgbt_engineers that I just created. The purpose? To discuss...
...workplace and employment issues and questions related to being a lesbian, bi, gay, transgendered, etc. engineer:
* How out to be in the workplace.
* How to deal with HR issues.
* How to secure domestic partnership benefits.
* Dealing with homophobic and/or clueless supervisors.
* Perception issues related to being LBGT and an engineer.
* Issues regarding engineering education for LBGT students.
* And all the rest....
You can use the textbox form near the bottom of the sidebar on this page.

For what it's worth, people who design systems that depend on shoving information around -- i.e., software engineers and computer hardware engineers -- are just as much engineers in my book as people who design systems that depend on the shoving of matter and/or energy (it's all the same, right?) around.

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