31 July 2006


Quick Update: Back from Travel

We've just gotten back from our weekend in Kemmerer, Wyoming, where we visited with Mack's sister Valerie and her husband Kendall, went to the Oyster Ridge Music Festival, saw the Fossil Butte National Monument, and went four-wheelin' in the Bridger-Teaton National Forest.

I took a buttload of photos that I need to go through, check out, crop, adjust, etc., before posting to our Flickr site. It may take a few days.

I'll have some things to say about some of the bands at the music fest. And about good beer. But that will have to wait until a time not too distant.

Four-wheelin' was a blast.

We had a great time. Valerie and Kendall are great folks, and their little corner of Wyoming is beautiful. Good people, good food, good beer, good music, and great outdoors -- who could ask for more?

Wow - you lucky dog. Any info on the four wheel vehicle? I used to have a real fondness for the damn things. :}
Kawasaki 700 and 500. Pics uploading to our Flickr page as I type.
Oh...right...I still think big-ass trucks. I'm fuckin old.
Well, they were Polaris beasts, anyway. LOL
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