13 July 2006


Why Support Israel?

First, I've been down this road before. Earlier writings along these lines here.

Because Hezbollah and Hamas are terrorists?

Because no matter how justified they might be in terms of the rights of Palestinians -- and Palestinians are humans and have rights the same way that Israelis do -- those responsible for those organizations and many if not most of their followers want more than that: They want the destruction of Western Civilization as we know it.

They (qualified as above) are anti women.

They (etc.) are anti homo.

They applauded when the World Trade Centers came down.

They are Leninist at best in terms of their political organizations. They may have had elections in the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority, but they weren't elections as you and I know them. (Neither were the Iraqi elections. Mexico is getting close, though.)

The Palestinians had the option of a two-state solution almost a decade ago. The corrupt, venal, arrogant Arafat was suffiently cowardly to turn that down. If only he had been the lion that Sadat was. That Begin was. That Rabin was. But he was a liar and a thief.

Do I have to continue?

If Hamas and the Hezbollah were only concerned with a state for the Palestinians, it would be one thing. But they are hellbent on the destruction of Israel itself. I believe Israel, for any wrongs it has done, still deserves to exist. I believe the Jews have, in the long run, been shit on sufficiently that their stand in their own self-defense deserves commendation, not denigration.

If they take out Hamas and the Hezbollah, the world owes them a favor. If they take out the Iranian nuclear program like they did the Iraqi one, we owe them a larger favor.

Stand with Israel.

Thanks Tim. One minor edit. The palestinians could have had their own state in 1948. While Israeli's danced in the street over the UN partition plan, the Arabs went to war to throw Israel off of the tiny sliver of land the UN had voted for them.

Now 60 years later, the Arabs are fighting over even less land and denying peace at every turn.
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