16 August 2006


"Dusk of the Dead"

The other night, we watched "Dusk of the Dead," a movie starring Mack's cousin, Brent, of Elkhart, Kansas. The premise is cool: It's what was happening in southwest Kansas at the same time as George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead." Flesh-eating zombies, etc.

Okay, so it's an ultra-low-budget direct-to-DVD digital-video produced-on-a-Mac (bonus points, there) featurette with more attention to the setting and the zombies than to, oh, the script. It's still a fun watch. (Uh, it's challenging in the listening department: The sound recording, editing, and effects are extra-special super-duper-ultra minimal.)

I have no idea how you can get a copy (Brent?) When I learn how to dub a little bit to the You Tube thing, I'll do so (fair use for critical purposes, of course). For all it's low-budget challenges, I thought it was a blast.

It wouldn't surprise me if within a few years there were a bunch of these: Tellings of the NotLD stories from local perspectives. (Sam and Abby? How about southern middle Tennessee?)

p.s. This is not the "Dusk of the Dead" you can currently find on You Tube.

Hey, guys....glad you enjoyed the little flick. Your criticisms are well received, also. You can get a copy of the film on www.reeldiaries.com

We're currently working on the sequel which the producers hope to have much better script quality and sound editing. This one was a big learning experience.
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