09 August 2006


Holding Pattern

Hi, folks. Thanks for reading.

A little slow on the posting here this week. Finishing summer projects and ramping up toward the start of the academic year. I still have the post that got eaten by Firefox on my brain -- the overwhelming heterosexuality of this world plus Brokeback moments -- but I don't know when I'll get back to it.

In other news, a few pics to pass the time.

(1) We took the dog to the dog park last Sunday. Here's a pic of our dog Ursa, worn out after the park. (Yes, something funky about the size of the link frame and the size of the image. Not gonna worry with it now.)

Ursa 03

(2) Here's my Flickr Infinity pic, featuring our cat, Tom. Take a picture of yourself looking at a picture of someone else looking at a picture of... Get it? Click here for a slideshow of the project so far.

infinite flickr  #334

(3) Here's a good picture of Mack from our Wyoming trip. You may have already seen this. What? You didn't look at all forty-eleven zillion pictures we took in Wyoming?!


(4) Here's a mean old wasp that was on the inside of our back porch the other day. Tiny aggressive robots, that's what they are. One shot from inside; one shot from outside. If you want the complete detail, click on the image to go to the Flickr page (you can do that for any of them), then select All Sizes, then select Large or Original. Have spare bandwidth.

Wasp on Screen (Zoom)

Wasp Through Screen (Zoom)

(5) And here's the almost full moon the other night from our back yard.

August Full Moon in Florida 01

We don't formally consider the wasp and the moon part of the family unit, but, I guess in some sense....

Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your interest and attention. Hopefully, back to some content by this weekend.

yeah, i saw your pics...have you guys watched my movie yet?..i'm hoping to create a cult following in florida...we're on the web now...www.reeldiaries.com
sorry...didn't say who this was...mack's cousin, Brent
Great wasp and moon photos. Tiny aggressive robots indeed...capable of leaving a person temporarily incapacitated, shocked, and hurting like hell, with but a single sting.

There's a shop here in Nashville specializing in Wiccan/Pagan merchandise, called The Goddess and The Moon.

Someone should start a business called The Wasp and The Moon. Maybe I'll create a spinoff entity from Talbot Sound and call it that. No one would know what the hell it was.

Wasp and Moon Music
A Wasp and Moon Production
Arranged by Wasp and Moon
Produced and engineered by Wasp and Moon
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