30 August 2006


Voting for Smith

I'm going to vote for Smith in the Democratic primary for governor.

(1) His web site has a direct, clearly identified, position supporting lesbian and gay rights that's easily found though a Google search; Davis's position is buried, voiced by one of his guest bloggers, and not labelled.

(2) I think he's a harder hitter, and I think the Democrat had better be prepared to hit hard if we want to win this one.

(3) The previous Democratic nominee was from Tampa and lost.

(4) Upstate Democrats and DINOs might (are likely to?) abandon Davis in the general election, but South Florida Democrats won't abandon Smith. I doubt that they'll stay at home, either.

One guy's $.02. Caveat elector.

I think you're mistaken on DINO's abandoning Davis. Smith is too divisive, too beholden to Big Sugar, and will allow the more moderate Dems to vote for Crist. Davis is our best chance for a Democratic governor.

At least thats' my $.02, and some would call me a DINO... so from a "moderate Dem's perspective... I'll vote for Davis, but Smith has to show me a whole lot more before I'd really support him in the general election. His TV ads have been a real turn-off for me... and Bob Graham's endorsement means a lot.
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