10 September 2006


A Mention in the Paper

Kari Cobham's News-Journal piece on blogging is online here (perishable). She quoted from my blogged responses (here) to her e-mailed inquiries.

(Politicians, business people, and organizational leaders: One of the advantages of doing an interview in your own blog is that everyone can read the entire context. It's next to impossible to be misquoted. For long, at least.)

I guess I'll have to run out and pick up a copy of the paper and make a clipping.

The only thing I think the article lacks -- and it wouldn't surprise me if this editorial decision was discussed by Kari and her editors -- was links to the blogs mentioned. My overall sense is that editorial leadership at newspapers still doesn't get the value of links within stories -- or maybe it's a management decision (goal is to bring people in, not send them away) -- but it is also hard to get longer URLs to publish nicely in columns that are only a couple of inches wide. I still don't understand why more newspapers aren't at least handling the duality of print publishing and online publishing with features appropriate to the particular domain: e.g., links in the online version, at least.

One factual correction: I'm Associate Professor of Computer Engineeringat ERAU. If you've never gone there, here's my professional home page there. I hope I didn't promote myself to full professor in correspondence with Kari. The distinction may be missing outside of academia.

Kari's own blog is here. Best wishes and thanks for the mention to her.

Hi Tim, Thanks for your feedback and the observations.

We actually did have a URL list of the mentioned blogs, but alas, space is - as always - a major factor in how much we can place.

Thanks for getting back with me. Let me know if you need a copy of the story.
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