07 September 2006


Mr. Fripp Provoking Us, On Benevolence, On Fearlessness

From Mr. Fripp's Online Diary, today, 7 September 2006:

Benevolence is constantly available.

But, we are not constantly available to Benevolence.

To be available to Benevolence, we have to do a little to move towards it.

But, rather than do the little we have to do, we do lot that we don’t have to do.

Rather than do the little that is possible for us, we seek Big Things beyond our reach.

This is the tragedy of the human condition.

The assumption of fearlessness: how might a performer walk onstage, fearless? This is a question recently arisen within the [Guitar Craft] family.

One adopts the injunction: assume the virtue if ye have it not.

It is not necessary to feel fearless;

It is not necessary to be fearless;

It is necessary to act as if one is fearless.

This is now a practical question, and may be simply addressed.

What are the characteristics of a fearless person? How does a fearless performer behave? What are the actions of a fearless player?

We note the conduct of our Ideal & then adopt their behaviour: we act as if we were our ideal conception of The Fearless Performer.

Substitute your line of trade or your personal situation for "Performer."

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