08 October 2006


Democratic Candidate for FL 07

I don't watch much television, but I doubt if the ads are flying fast and furious in the Florida 7th race. The Democratic campaign here seems ultra low-key. The candidate is John Chagnon, a veteran of the USMC and a former high-school teacher. The incumbent is John Mica, currently chair of the Transportation Committee and influential in programs that affect my university.

Since this race is so low key and since Mica is what I would think of as a strong incumbent, I doubt the DCCC is throwing much at it; however, we need to think of what ifs. If we, the Democrats, win control of the House, Mica is no longer chair, but merely ranking Republican on the Transportation Committee. And if the anti-GOP tide is stronger than some would imagine -- and it could be since more and more people are fed up with hypocritical shennanigans that talk moralistically but behave wrongly, both regarding protecting House Pages from predatory Republican congressmen and protecting our dollars from predatory Republican contractors -- then there may not be a Congressman Mica next session.

It would help if the DCCC would throw some money and guidance to Chagnon.

I attended the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce Hob Nob for candidates in the upcoming election on Tuesday October 10th at the News Journal Performing Arts Center.
Amazingly many of the statewide and local candidates showed up and I had some lengthy one on one conversations with ones we in the Volusia County area are most interested in. My conversations with Katherine Harris, John Mica, Jack Chagnon and Clint Curtis were intersting. I chatted briefly with Bill Nelso and Tom Feeney. Mica attended the college in Miami I taught at for 31 years so we had that common bond but that was about it. He was fairly candid on the Foley debacle, his plans for the more than one half million dollars in his campaign war chest and his plans for the future. He does see himself staying in the Congress to become Chair of the House Transportation Committee. Katherine Harris is of course just delusional. I am sure someone with knowledge of the State of Florida mental health Baker Act could keep her from during more harm to herself or others.

The event was of course very white and very business community oriented. Mica has no plans to debate Chagnon. The DNC seems to have no plans to help fund Chagnon at all. The Feeney/Curtis race could be tigher if again the DNC tossed some dollars toward Clint.
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