21 November 2006


Big Ass 50th Birthday Party!

It's my birthday; it's my birthday, etc. The big five oh. Today.

We had a big party last Saturday night. Lots of friends and co-workers. We had a blast. Only wish one or both of my brothers or some of Mack's family had been able to come.

Pictures here at Flickr. Here's a sample:

Shannon and Tamie, Tim and Mack

What great party pics! I particularly like the annoyed look on Shannon and Tamie's faces.

Happy 50th. Here to 50 more.


I thought about coming down from Nashville - it was not to be.

Looks like fun. Fifty...wtf?
Happy Birthday a day late. You're just over 2 months ahead of me...
Thanks to all!
Wow, I didn't realize you are actually older than me, Tim. (Okay, not by much, but I'll take it.) Happy 50th!
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