09 November 2006


From National Review Online's The Corner

The Corner is, in my mind, the best right-wing blog to read. It's one of the few blogs where the group dynamic actually works. Would that the left-wing blogs had the infighting, the opinionating, that The Corner has maintained for quite some time now.

This letter to Jonah Goldberg is thought provoking. Excerpts follow:
Here’s what I think.

I believe good Democrats and good Republicans both believed this war was going to end if their party won on election day. The Dems believed they'd end the war through withdrawal; the GOPers believed they'd end it through victory. They're both wrong. This war is going to go on for a long, long time.

It seems to me that Americans believe wars end when we say they end. Whether we win (WWII), lose (Vietnam), or draw (Korea), our wars have ended when we said they ended. The defeated Germans, victorious North Vietnamese, or stalemated North Koreans never came after America when hostilities ended. But the jihadists are coming, no matter what happens in Iraq. Make no mistake.


With the Democrat victory, I hear a sigh of relief across the country that now we can bring this whole thing to a close. It is an illusion. Until we get into the animating texts of Islam, and do so publicly, loudly, and consistently, we will invite more violence, and abet the silence of moderate Muslims of goodwill around the world.

I believe the leadership of this debate is the most urgent task to ever face the brave staff of National Review. You already led the debate on Communism, but then you remember Communism had few real adherents in Communist countries. Radical Islam has tens of millions of true believers. This will be harder.

Thought provoking and worthy of consideration. Let's not bury our heads in the sand.

p.s. I've always been a William F. Buckley fan. Disagree with much of what he has to say, but admire his thinking and his accomplishments.

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