06 November 2006


"Grow a Pair"

Some people that I like and respect, instead of instructing the Democrats who've been out there trying to win this election to "grow a pair," need to shut the fuck up and grow a pair themselves. Similarly, some other people I like and respect need to shut the fuck up about "why the Democrats lose" and start working, even tonight, to see that the Democrats win. And while they're finally deciding to vote Democratic themselves, they need to encourage their friends to vote Democratic (even at this late point), and quit respecting the bullies and cheats who've taken over the Republican party.

One doesn't have to get down in the mud, one doesn't have to be like them to win. And if one does, one can't govern effectively, as the Republican experience of the last six years ought to be evidence enough of.

So, my friends, get your heads out of your asses, quit echoing Republican talking points about Democratic leftists and wimps, quit whining about Democrats whining, and get you and your loved ones and friends out there tomorrow and vote Democratic. Have some respect for yourself and your communities instead of being such power-envying pussies with the delusion that the Republicans, by being bullies, can keep you safer. Grow your own pair before instructing others to do so.

This Green is voting for a lot of Democrats tomorrow.

Floridians: note that GOP Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist flipped his position on civil unions Monday and now opposes them. Don't be duped.

Down with the Republican tyrants. And down with any Democrat who knuckles under to them again. ;-)
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