04 November 2006



Remember, Tuesday, 7 November, is election day in the USA. Just about every election boils down to one of two slogans: "You never had it so good," or "time for a change."

Yes, the incumbent party in Congress tries tries tries to use fear -- fear of terrorists, fear of taxes, fear of people who aren't white -- to keep people from seeing the choice between "you never had it so good" and "time for a change." They have done this with some measure of success over the last few years because, after all, people have legitimate issues about security, taxation, immigration, and other issues that can be spun into "Democrats scary, Republicans safe."

Don't buy it. Don't buy a bit of it.

As my friend Joe Fineman put it (and I don't know where he got it): "Hold your nose and vote the straight Democratic ticket." Even if you're a died-in-the-wool Republican, do it so you get a chance to reclaim your party and its principles from those who have stolen them. If you're a Republican, ask yourself, what would Goldwater do? It's time to fire the bastards. We can't fire them all, but we can at least fire the Congress and bring some kind of accountability to the governing process.

I'm afraid to vote...

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It was a saying when I was little; I heard it from my mother. Recently Fred Huntington researched it on the Web and found that it goes back at least to the election of 1896. Political advice does not often wear so well as that. %^)
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