25 November 2006


Wasted, Brain-Damaged, or Both?

Heard parts of the Bill Anderson interview with Glen Campbell on the XM, both during the drive over the Jim and Sandy's for Thanksgiving Dinner, then today while out running errands. Campbell has the Ozzy thing, the Brian Wilson thing, going. Stuttering, confused, sloppy: It's hard to tell whether he's under the influence or just never came out of the anesthesia.

But what an artist!

No kidding?

I used to record and edit that show, up until a year ago when I left the old place of part-time employment. Kind of sorry I missed that episode, but I just bet it was pure hell to edit!

I bet it took a really long time, too...a good reason to call those folks and woo them over to my place of business (when it finally opens).

Yessir, that old alky-hol will pickle the brain...as I sit here in my third little glass of Merlot.

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