25 December 2006


Around teh Internets: Christmas 2006

From Kenneth Quinell at T. Rex's Guide to Life
Something a lot of people seem to be leaving out when they discuss plans for winning in Iraq is that George W. Bush is still our president. Just because the Democrats won the mid-term elections doesn't mean that somehow our president is now competent or will be honest. If we send more troops, they are just more troops that will get killed by the incompetence and lies of the administration.

From Joe. My. God.:
An elderly transvestite wearing a stunning jewel-encrusted gown vehemently spoke against gay marriage today, saying, "If I can't happily nail the sweet, sweet can of any prepubescent boy that I want, then nobody else deserves to be happy either." And with that, he broke into a tortured lip-sync performance of Kim Weston's It Should Have Been Me.
Post comes complete with a picture of il Papa.

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