24 December 2006


Merry Christmas

Christmas greetings from Florida, where we had cuban subs from 7-Eleven for dinner and are currently watching Alien. In HD on the big teevee. With the home theater cranked up. The dog is unhappy about all this rumbling and these explosions.

The Jerry Goldsmith score is one of my favorites. Atonal and minimal. The main theme is sublime.

Our Christmas plans are minimal and simple. This is about as low-key of a Christmas as we have had in years. No travel, and simple gifts for each other.

For those of you who read this, Merry Christmas to you. May you and yours have wonderful holidays. As the late Mr. Zevon suggested, "Enjoy every sandwich."

Update: Sigourney Weaver is gratuitously semi-naked! "Lucky star. Lucky lucky lucky star."

Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" better than gratuitous Sigourney Weaver semi-nudity in HD. So say all of us.

Merry Christmas, guys. :-)

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