16 December 2006


Militia -> Police, But Who Goes to the Army?

The stick-figure PowerPoint presentation making its way around seems to explain very well the military situation in Iraq (well, al Anbar province, at least). It even seems to hint at a way out, but it also seems to lack a critical component. (The link is a .pdf version. It's very informative, and if you haven't already checked it out elsewhere, I encourage you to take a look at it.)

I guess I would summarize it as follows

What the slides don't state is who will then join the Iraqi army, which it seems to me is necessary to have to deter Iranian aggression. Maybe I missed it. Maybe it's implicit that as local and regional security increases, there will be more men available to join the Iraqi national army. Maybe that's just not sufficiently critical compared to the troubles with the insurgents.

It goes without saying that building local partnerships is among the things that the Bush (43) administration should've done in the first place. That would've been after securing Baghdad, preventing the looting of Iraqi treasures and pre-war information, and securing the oil production facilities. I can almost hear him, Cheney, and Rumsfled saying, "But that's exactly what they expect us to do! We'll show them!"

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