14 January 2007


Spelling Question

"Wack" or "whack"?

Thank you.

"Whack" is the standard spelling. Whether you pronounce the h depends on your dialect. I don't happen to remember how you do it. Do you say "which" & "witch" the same?
I should've given a context. Not "whack" as in "out of whack," but as used today by "the kids" to mean all screwy. "Like totally wack" or "like totally whack".

I'm trying to be with it. Or is that "wit it"?
I thought it was derived from "wacky." If you put the letter H in there, it infers lots of "whacking," as in striking or hitting.

But it could go either way... thus the beauty/curse of the Engilsh language.

I saw the word "whimpy" once, and thought it looked stupid and erroneous. I mean, no one's a "whimp" - they're a "wimp." Although, that word could be derived from "one who whimpers", in which case...ah, what the hell.

Anonymous is correct. Example: "If you keep acting all wack, I'm going to pick up this pipe and give you a whack."
This is totally wack. Thanks to all of you. I <heart> my readers.
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