04 January 2007


X-04 Fliers (for Bryan and Mike)


It's hard to believe that all this happened 25 years ago or more. Our band, X-04 (click here, if you want to know the source of the name), played gigs around Nashville during 1981 and 1982. I won't even try to start with the background here.

I have copies of most of our fliers, so I scanned them in and uploaded them to our (Mack's and my) Flickr site. My favorite is featured above. Below are the details, lifted (without permission) from a storyline in Judge Parker.



I've also got audio, but I need to get my hands on a four-track tape deck and a DBX-144 (I think that was the model) or equivalent software before I'll ever get it digitized. Maybe Bryan's new studio will be able to do the trick.

Trust me, when we didn't rock, we droned.

For those interested in, er, optical illusions, there's this little gem:


Sorry, I don't recall where I "borrowed" it from. Maybe Scientific American or Psychology Today.

That brings back MAJOR memories - I remember that flier more than any of the others! One of the best ever...you are the man.

We *might* be able to locate the dbx decoding hardware here in gNashville. I would absolutely take that on.

- BT
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