18 February 2007


Waiting for the Restart

Waiting for the Restart



Quite nice, and a humbling reminder of the interconnectedness of things. I was at the Grove Arts Festival today, had dinner on the bay, and as I was walking away saw the same moon, commenting on it to a friend. The time was remarkably close to the time you posted this photo, too.
Nice shot. I saw a similar display about a week ago when I looked out the front door before sunrise. The crescent moon was just above the horizon and had a neat orange hue to it. And as celestial objects close to the horizon do, it looked larger than usual which added to the scene. If I had been thinking on my feet I could have taken a picture...
We got a telescope for Christmas so I've been more attentive to these things lately. Jupiter is currently rising in the east early and that's what I got up to see.
-Mike in Nashburg
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