23 February 2007


Who Says There's Nothing Good on Television?

Tonight at 9:00 on Fox: "Land of the Giants." In the pilot episode of this Irwin Allen rehash from the producers of Lost, Steve (Steve Buscimi) and Valerie (Robin Wright Penn) discover a shrunken Chevy Malibu and attempt to escape scientists who are pickling their friends in cellulosic ethanol. Special guest appearance by Chevy Chase as President George W. Bush.

Image from TNR Online. I'm not a subscriber, so I can't play their game in their space, but that doesn't mean I can't play. Or you.

#2: "And here's to you, my long lost friend." (Spit take!)

#3: "You say this will be to America what Ouzo is to Greece?"

#4: "At last, the formula is complete! One drop of this, and Spider Man will be reduced to a quivering pile of bones and protoplasm!! Cheney, my car!!!"

#5. Being a scientist is great, but I wonder what kind of life I'd've had if I'd've just partied more in school.


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